Campground Rules

Campers may check in from 10am -8pm in the Daniel Boone Coffee Shop. Campers must vacate their campsite no later than noon on the final day.

Campers are not permitted to “hang out” in the Daniel Boone Coffee Shop parking lot or deck after hours.
Camping permits will not be issued for more than 14 nights.

Campers must be 18 years old to get a permit. Permit holders must have id and proof of age.

Any tent or equipment left unoccupied for more than 48 hours will be taken down and removed.

QUIET HOURS are from 10pm-8am.

All guests must register @ the Daniel Boone Coffee Shop in person or online @

NO PARKING ON GRASS, RV SITES, CAMPER CABIN AREA OR ANY NON DESIGNATED AREA. Vehicles not following rules are subject to towing at owners expense. Parking in vacant RV sites and the top of the campground is prohibited.

Do no drive on the grass.


EXCESSIVE NOISE, public drunkenness, illegal drug use, nudity, foul or offensive language, explosives and fireworks are not permitted. No loud music, yelling, parties or barking dogs.

DO NOT DISTURB OR HARM WILDLIFE. Fishing is permitted(with fishing permit) in the creek. DO NOT LEAVE BAIT CONTAINERS, LINE, ETC. AT THE CREEK.

DO NOT HARM TREES OR PLANT LIFE. Firewood is available for sale in the shop or at the red tiny house in the upper campground.

All pets must be on a leash and picked up after. Leashes should be less than 10 feet long. No electronic leashes. No pet to be left unattended-EVER.

Please dispose of your garbage in the dumpster located in the campground. You will be asked not to return if you leave trash in the campground or on coffee shop property-DON’T BE TRASHY!


Do not block traffic.

FIRES MUST BE IN EXISTING FIRE PITS. If you start a new one or move a fire pit-you will be asked to leave.

You must pour water on each fire daily/nightly and make sure extinguished prior to departing for the day/night.

Parents/Caregivers are fully responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.

DO NOT CAMP WITHIN 50 FEET OF THE CAMPER CABIN. DO NOT PLACE BELONGINGS ON OR AROUND THE DECK OF THE SHELTOWEE TRACE CAMPER CABIN. If you would like to rent the Sheltowee Trace Camper Cabin it can be rented if available for $22.00 a night.

Respect your fellow campers.

Please follow “Leave No Trace” principles of camping. When you leave your area should look the same or better than when you arrived.

Be cautious if camping under or near trees. Dead trees from across the creek may fall in your direction.

Camping is at your own risk.